Monday, 25 May 2015


Here's the third track from my new 'Wild Wedding' EP. The EP can be pre-ordered from my Bandcamp page.

Make the bindweed into a crown. 
You are not short of blessing. 
Pull it through and wind it round. 
You are not short of blessing. 

Tell us a story that's yet untold. 
Let the strain and heartache unfold. 
Let us listen with wonder and fear. 
Hold your words close and take comfort there. 

Let us rest, let us rest awhile. 
Let us rest, let us rest awhile. 

Thread the daisies into a chain, 
that I may draw back my true love again. 
Wrap the wild roses around the arch 
and there to you will I secrets impart. 

Never told anyone this before. 
Never told anyone this, this. 
Never told anyone this before. 

Whisper it into the deep, deep well. 
There we shall draw water. 
Drink until the air is full 
With the sound of laughter. 

Tell us a story that's yet untold; 
Pull the threads together. 
Turn these salt tears into gold; 
Can you hear the laughter?

Friday, 22 May 2015

A Festival of Scarecrows

In this darling month of May I was lucky enough to go to the Uffington Scarecrow Festival, a traditional yearly event where inhabitants of the village of Uffington, in the whereabouts of Lincolnshire, build scarecrows to display outside their homes. I was surprised to see some familiar faces.

The Count and myself.

Frank M and Mr. Harry

Scarecrow Scissorhands

Residence Alice
Some desirable ruby slippers
A mystery man
Does anyone recognise the mystery man in the tree with the umbrella and the paper moon? I don't think we'd met before.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Wild Wedding

'Carve your plans in the rock; drown your fears in the sea; cast off what you cannot keep; and be wedded with me'.

Here's the title track from my Wild Wedding EP, accompanied by footage from Max Reinhardt's sparkling and enchanting 1935 adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Moth Rah - Wild Wedding from Moth Rah on Vimeo.

The Wild Wedding EP is available on CD and as a digital download, here.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Elder Tree

Here's my new track, 'The Elder Tree', a dark, folk lament. The song's narrative is played out in this beautiful music video created by Layla Holzer where her handmade puppets enact the tragic tale.

Moth Rah - The Elder Tree from Moth Rah on Vimeo.

Puppets, props, direction and editing: Layla Holzer
Filming: Spike Dennis and Layla Holzer


Let out the ghost from his haunt.
There is a sighing that chills me quite to the bone.
The branches of this tree groan with the weight of his memories.

Oh, the Elder Tree, break it's branches and cleave its heart in two.
Oh, the Elder Tree, there is a spirit that wishes to break free.

It happened long, long ago, before our dreams were old.
Trudging through deep, winter snow: a man who was almost a child.
He'd fathered a babe born cold with a girl who lived near the lake.
She had been forced out from her home but he had not known 'til too late.
His tender love died where she lay. Her breath was cold as ice.
So, with a heart so cold it burned, he vowed her father would pay the price.

Through and through, with an axe kept outside for firewood.
Blood ran thick and steam rose up from the corpse.

With blood that froze to his hands, he ran down to the lake
But the ice there was so thick, though he tried it would not break.
Into the thicket he ran, more pained with every breath.
With the belt tied at his waist in the arms of this tree he'd find rest.

He swung high on that tree that never bore fruit again.
The sap is poison to touch and the wind it rattles her name.
The wind it rattles her name.



This song is from my new Wild Wedding EP which can be pre-ordered from my bandcamp.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Spring Rites with Michaela Meadow

Michaela Meadow is a wonderful illustrator, photographer and writer. I first came across her work through her own publication, Magpie Magazine which explores the work of artists with folk roots with an emphasis on spiritual and mythical themes. Last year we met at an exhibition hosted by the, also wonderful, World Wide Women collective. This prompted our own collaboration this spring in the form of an afternoon in Hampstead where these photos were taken. Two of the photos she took that day form the artwork for my new Wild Wedding EP.

More photos from this series can be seen at Michaela Meadow's site.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Wild Wedding EP

'Carve your plans in the rock; drown your fears in the sea; cast off what you cannot keep; and be wedded with me.'

Here's the sampler for my new five track EP, 'Wild Wedding':

These are songs for faeries, children, lovers and those who like to dream.

This release is dedicated, with love, to the memory of my father, Michel Parry.

The EP artwork is by the artist Michaela Meadow.

The 'Wild Wedding' EP can be pre-ordered on limited edition CD or as a digital album from my bandcamp now.

Monday, 20 April 2015

A New EP

I've just finished mixing and mastering a new five track EP.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, it's going to be a little different from my previous releases.

Audio and visual teaser coming soon...