Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What's that sound?!

Harry 'Dream' Dean came to help out in the studio the other night. The result was a collection of recorded abstract sounds to be used for psychedelic music making purposes (specifically for an Alice in Wonderland inspired track I'm working on) - and also these very murky photos.
Harry playing a glass of water
Me playing a star
Harry bowing bass

Harry has a solo album coming out later this year which I'm singing on too. It's a mind bending, cosmic pop experience which I really can't wait to share!

Here's a Harry classic:

Monday, 2 February 2015

Cassandra's Dream by Daria Hlazatova

A new Moth Rah inspired portrait by Daria Hlazatova. From next week it will be on show at the Prisma group exhibition in San Francisco.

I'm very happy to be going there in portrait form but I do wish I could be there in person too.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Winding up my Tiny Music Box for 2015


I'm hoping 2015 will be a year filled with strange and beautiful music for me and for you too.

Cassandra x

Friday, 19 December 2014

Mother Christmas

Here is a Christmas fairytale for your enjoyment brought to you by Pack of Wolves.

It's the magical Mother Christmas by Layla Holzer.

Mother Christmas: A Festive Fairy Tale from Pack of Wolves on Vimeo.
Merry Christmas


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Seeking One Who Plays the Drums

I'm looking for a drummer to record  and perform with.

Confidence with both electronic drums and acoustic is required.

Availability for recording and rehearsing in London is necessary.

A sympathy for the gothic and theatrical would be ideal.

Does this sound like someone you know?

Contact: mothrahmusic @ gmail . com

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Brilliant and Beloved Papa

Two weeks ago my father passed away.

My father had a huge influence on my work as a musician and on my creative life in general.

Michel Parry, or 'papa' as I more often called him, was a writer, horror anthologist and a dedicated collector of strange things.

As a child I marveled at his 'shelves of weird': the epicenter of a collection that included battery operated UFOs, macabre automatons, peculiar masks, a Medusa 'wig' and alien 'foetus' soap. As an adult I was better able to appreciate his vast library of books and 60s film and music posters.

Thanks to my dad my childhood world was filled with a wealth of alternative film and children's literature. With great fondness I remember Dorrie, the Little Witch, whose 'hat was always on crooked and stockings never matched'; Raggedy Ann and Andy with their psychedelic cartoon adventures; and, of course, all those weird and wonderful Beatles films.

Dad took my brother and I on regular theatre trips to the Hackney Empire where we saw legendary productions of 'The Invisible Man' and 'The Curse of the Werewolf' along with numerous Christmas pantos. As a family, we also played homage to the Forkbeard Theatre Company, going to see almost every surreal show and exhibition. For many years an annual tradition was to go to the Punch and Judy Festival in Covent Garden of which there is much home video footage taken by my dad.

This music video from a band I used to perform with, Bear Driver, is made up of film shot by my dad on one typically offbeat family outing. The location is Dreamscape, a touring art space that resembled a gigantic and inside-out bouncy castle.

The trail of inspiration that my father gave me to follow will continue to direct my interests and the creative choices that I make for the rest of my life.

And, of course, I will miss him very much.

If you would be interested to know more about my dad's work in the field of horror and weird fiction then a good starting place is the Fantastic Fiction site which has a full list of the publications he was involved with. IMDB also links to film projects on which he was a writer, including the cult B-movie, Xtro.

I will be dedicating my next release to the memory of my father.